What happens herecityfitchanges your world.

cityfitWhat happens here changes your world.

CityFit Professional Training has gathered under one roof the top independent fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning specialists to assist you in reaching your personal and specialized goals – and change your life. Calgary’s ground-breaking premiere personal training facility has been meticulously handcrafted to guide you to health, fitness and lifestyle enhancement.


Choose from our signature services and start moving towards achieving your ultimate goals.
  • Private/Semi-PrivateTraining

    Private/Semi-Private Training

    Private Training is the most effective and efficient way to achieve what you desire with your fitness and personal conditioning.

  • Small GroupTraining

    Small Group Training

    Our small groups are focused on building your strength, losing unwanted weight, increasing your conditioning and developing a love for fitness!

  • Improve YourNutrition

    Improve Your Nutrition

    Eating properly and enjoyably is imperative to reaching your goals and we understand it is also one of the most difficult aspects of a healthy lifestyle change.

  • TherapyServices

    Therapy Services

    Whether it's injury treatment, pain relief or simply stress reduction choose from amongst our varied therapeutic services for your solution.



Find your personal trainer now. Our certified trainers are here to help you define and achieve your goals.
  • Carl Macdonald (Founder)

    Carl is the creator and owner of CityFit Professional Training. It is the culmination of a desire to ‘have it all’ in a training centre for both clients and trainers.
    Since 14 years of age, Carl ‘hit the weights’ in his parents’ basement. Finally after reaching 18 and legally being able to purchase a gym membership he started regularly training and hasn’t missed more than a month straight in 20+ years.
    Starting with completing a massage therapy program right out of high school, Carl added progressively over time to what he calls an ‘education of a 1000 pieces’.
    This enables Carl to help virtually anyone most notably working with senior executives and business owners who want to unravel the effects of inactivity and less than ideal lifestyle habits.
    His philosophy revolves around accessing the body’s potential through the mind’s ability to visualize movement.
    After working in several Calgary training facilities, Carl knew the training landscape needed something different. Over the course of 3 years he narrowed down his vision for what CityFit would be and in the spring of 2014 this custom training centre opened.
    Carl was also the training consultant to the upcoming wide-release book, I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Success When Success Seems Impossible. It features cutting-edge neuroscience research into brain processes that enable change both in behavior and physical attributes and how to use that knowledge to your own advantage.
    Apart from the staples of hockey and snowboarding, Carl loves to travel and, with European ancestry and passport, looks forward to one day inviting George Clooney over to sip scotch on the patio of his villa in Spain.


    • National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer, 1997
    • Massage Therapist – 1993
    • Functional Movement Screen certified – 2012
  • Vick Pochun

    Vick routinely works with both new and experienced competitors in preparation for fitness competitions.

  • Kristy Anthony

    ***Kristy is currently on maternity leave until spring 2016***

    I am all about that VIBE. Originally from the Caribbean, good vibes run through my soul and I realized early in life that in order for you to get results, the vibe has to be right! My passion for dance and fitness is undeniable and I bring a versatility and spirit to both the gym and dance floor.

    Growing up as a dancer and athlete who transitioned to a professional performance artist, my days ranged from instructing dance workshops to choreographing or performing for stage productions. Life as a dancer and athlete provided me with a solid understanding of the body, from awareness to anatomy to bio-mechanics and I am thankful that it inspired me to delve deeper into the study of the body and the world of fitness.

    I am professionally certified in Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction with specific areas of study and experience that include Physical Yoga, Core and Back Essentials, Olympic Weight Lifting, Zumba, ViPR, Sports Performance and Nutrition. I use my diverse background everyday because I believe in a wholistic approach to improving individual wellness, knowing what limitations or challenges life can bring.

    My clientele range in age and goals, from the beginner to the athlete. Whether your goal is to lose inches, build muscle, improve your cardiovascular system, gain more energy, sleep better or become a better athlete or dancer, I will be with you step by step to help you on your journey to success.

  • Kristaps Petrovs

    ***Kristaps is currently in Europe until Summer 2016 pursuing his Masters in Exercise Science***


    Kristaps earned his Bachelor of Education Science in Sports in Latvia. He has been working in the fitness industry for 12 years and in Calgary since 2010.
    An avid basketball player, he coached the Latvian National Basketball team and played at a Semi-Pro level for 4 years.

    Kristaps priority is to continually upgrade his education and challenge himself to work harder every day. Since moving to Canada he has acquired ample experience and certifications that allow him to train pro and varsity athletes: CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), CPT – Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP), Functional Movement Screen certification, NCCP – National Coaching Certification Program (U of C), and YMCA Individual Conditioning III.

    He specializes training Basketball, Volleyball, Triathlon and Long distance runners and really enjoys working with people that are goal oriented.
    Kristaps loves playing beach volleyball, tennis and trying new activities like surfing, cross country skiing, and stand up paddling.

  • Tyler Shillington

    Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Tyler has been coaching since he was 15 years old when he coached his high school’s senior girls’ volleyball team.
    Having grown up playing volleyball, fastball, and basketball, Tyler saw his athletic career limited and shortened due to shoulder pain that could not be fixed. The desire to coach, and the frustration with the industry led Tyler to get his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University with the intention of pursuing Physiotherapy.  Upon graduation, Tyler realized that he could help people through strength and conditioning rather than first phase rehabilitation. While focusing on allowing each muscle to do its proper job and regaining natural posture and coordination, it is possible to train for performance, prevention and rehabilitation at the same time.
    Throughout Tyler’s career he has had the privilege of working with a wide array of individuals each with their own challenges and rewards. He has worked with 7 year olds all the way to international and professional athletes and weekend warriors.  When Tyler is not helping athletes perform at their highest level, he is helping everyone else perform in life.

    Career Highlights:
    Royal Military College Men’s Soccer Strength and Conditioning Coach (2011, 2012)
    Kingston Football Club (CSL) Strength and Conditioning Coach (2012)
    Consultant to Harvard Men’s Lacrosse Defense (2015)
    Athletes attending and committed to attend Division I Schools including Stanford, Harvard, Furman, UMass Lowell
    International and Professional Lacrosse
    International Trampolinist
    International Women’s Tackle Football
    Post-operation ACL rehabilitation
    Post-operation knee replacement rehabilitation
    Labral tear rehabilitation
    Allowing grandparents to play with their grandchildren pain free

  • Jason West

    Coming from a culinary background earning my Red Seal and spending countless hours as an Executive Chef, I decided to put the knives away. I really wanted to help people feel better about themselves. I was no longer going to spend my days in a kitchen and moved into the gym.

    I went about earning certifications such as Darby Training System Level 1, Fascial Tissue Stretching Level 1, Crossfit Level 1 as well as many others. I then decided to utilize my culinary knowledge and return to school to receive certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

    I truly believe hard work pays off! I believe anything is possible if one is dedicated, focused and kept on track with their goals. As a personal trainer I have helped many people achieve their specific goals such as weight loss, strength gains, rehabilitation, flexibility and sport specific improvements. Exercise can be enjoyable but we need to maintain a clear vision of what we want.

    My love of food and exercise is everything to me it’s why I have been athletic all my life and eaten almost every day too! Golf, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding you name it consistent training has helped me be my best at and improve in all the activities that I love to do.

  • Shawn McIntyre

    I believe it’s possible for anyone to be healthy as well as look and feel great no matter what their personal circumstances. As a single dad running multiple companies and being a fitness model I see fitness as the foundation for all our success in life. And with life as busy as it is I understand the importance of using time wisely and the need to see results for that time!

    Something in particular that I have become known for is “Creating the world’s easiest to follow meal plans and training routines”. So easy even a fifth-grader could do it!

    With time being so valuable I work with my clients on the Core Principles of Fitness to create understanding and take the confusion out of health and fitness. Stay-at-home moms and dads to CEO moms and dads alike have complicated enough lives so I seek to create success with SIMPLE routines that WORK.

    My clients succeed and transform not just their bodies but strengthen their minds, their emotions and change their entire lives with a reality check list that identifies where their current fitness level is as well as designing a step-by-step road map to the goals and dreams they have wanted perhaps for years if not decades!

  • Emma Lovino

    Born and raised in Alberta, I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree majoring in Exercise and Health Physiology. Emma has a wide background of experience in the fitness industry for over 13 years beginning in personal training and eventually working with the Calgary Fire Department performing their fitness testing. I also like to occasionally talk about myself in the 3rd person.

    I have 5 years of clinical experience as an Exercise Therapist treating chronic and acute injuries, postural imbalances and repetitive strain. In 2011 I started Body Aware to take my body movement and personal training services mobile. Graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have become a very dedicated and effective Holistic Health Coach, helping busy people to look and feel their best.

    Educating and empowering people to learn all the tools they need for a healthier, self-sustainable and happy life drives me! What I endeavour to help you learn for life is how to stand, walk and sit without pain and to put into practice daily lifestyle habits that make you look, feel and be your best self!

  • Jill Andrews

    ***Jill is currently on maternity leave until summer 2016***


    I have operated my own training business for 7 years though I’ve been sharing the fitness love for 10. I really enjoy my work with people who want to make big changes in their life through lots of hard work, sweat and good nutrition. I LOVE FOOD, in fact, I’m a huge foodie! I take my clients out of their comfort zone, with both food and fitness, but ensure the process is enjoyable so you forget you even left it.

    I specialize my focus on functional training, HIIT, weight loss and helping individuals dealing with chronic pain. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and personal trainer my client receives my undivided focus. I want them to become aware of what works for their specific body and to that end we work like detectives together to discover what food nourishes them and the type of training that’s right for their needs.

  • Rikki Opazo

    ***Rikki is currently on maternity leave until summer 2016***


    I am extremely passionate about the state of our health that isn’t always visible. When you improve a person’s health from the inside — strengthen their immune system, creating a strong foundation within them on a cellular level — then so much more can be accomplished when it comes to transforming the body with exercise. When the body is working optimally as a whole, a life is changed. Add our mindset — transforming your thoughts, feeding yourself with empowering words and images — and the transformation takes another leap. You’ll set yourself up to achieve almost anything.

    Along with my certifications in Fitness Training and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition I am also in the process of completing my Specialist in Exercise Therapy. This will enable me to work along side doctors and physical therapists to help develop post rehabilitation programs. I am excited to be adding another level to my expertise.

    I work with my clients on a daily basis to help them find balance between exercise and nutrition. Visualizations help them achieve correct form and maximize each workout. Together we’ll set realistic goals and implement healthy habits so that it’s possible to move past barriers, both physical and mental, and start living a fit and healthy life. I have reached my goals when I help you reach yours. There is nothing more gratifying for me than this!

    As a mother to two young children, I understand the demands of parenthood. I also understand the importance of leading by example, and that’s what I strive to do each and every day.

  • Natasha Gaynor

    Since an early age Natasha has been involved in sports from figure skating, soccer, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. With the love of everything fitness, it was only natural that it would become her career. With hard work and dedication Natasha’s transformation story after her third child was included in Oxygen Magazine to help inspire others, by showing what’s possible when leading a healthy lifestyle. Natasha decided she wanted to help others reach their goals. She has been both the trainer and trainee and understands how it feels to struggle with weight and injury issues. Her focus is to help clients including men, women and youth, to get stronger, leaner and reach their fitness goals. That may include running a 5km race to an Olympic triathlete, fitting into those jeans, keeping up with your children or grandchildren or just feeling better about yourself. She’ll help you make your health and fitness a priority, not an option. A fascination with the body and the effects that proper nutrition and conditioning can have on a person’s life is the fuel for Natasha’s drive. Inspiring and educating others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is her passion.

  • Tavish Bochek

    With over 10 years of diverse coaching experience, Tavish is a leader in human performance. He has been involved with the development of former Olympic and World Championship athletes as well as NFL, NHL, MLS and MLB prospects, tactical athletes, and firefighters. In addition to high performance athletes, Tavish has found success in dealing with extreme cases of physical rehab.

    Tavish specializes in training methods that improve acceleration and change of direction while reducing pain and injuries. Some of the injuries he has successfully worked with include hip and knee replacement, degenerated disc, bulging and herniated disc, ACL and MCL (pre- and post-surgery), shoulder and hip labral tears.

    Whether you are looking to excel at your sport or break down your physical limitations, Tavish empowers you to control your journey’s success through personalised coaching, education and programs.

  • Bryan Krahn

    ***Bryan is on temporary leave***


    I started personal training in 1995, back when trainers carried clipboards not iPads.

    Since then I’ve worked in many areas of the fitness field — marketing, publishing, and freelance writing. Each diversion has played an important role in making me the coach that I am today.

    I’ve trained men and women of all ages with a diverse range of goals, though my area of relative expertise would be “physique transformation” — losing fat, building muscle, and looking great.

    This may sound like a superficial goal, but I’ve found that many of the key steps required to change your body also improve health and well being, not to mention help develop confidence. So that’s where I channel my focus — helping everyday people look and feel extraordinary.

    I also maintain a busy blog at bryankrahn.com, where I write about fitness, nutrition, and the many forms of Strength.

    Note: And I still carry a clipboard. #hipster

  • Bonnie Lang

    Bonnie is a native Californian-turned-Calgarian who loves to help motivate
    and encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle. She has been training
    since 2008 and specializes in functional training including bodyweight
    movements, kettlebell and TRX exercises. Bonnie is passionate about
    coaching clients to greater health through nutrition and mindset changes
    and views fitness as a tool for better health in daily life. Bonnie’s work
    with her husband through their non-profit, Survive & Thrive Cancer
    Programs, helps her to better understand the needs of clients who have gone
    through cancer and how to rebuild their bodies post-treatment. When she’s
    not training, Bonnie loves hiking with family around San Francisco, good
    conversations, pull ups and outdoor adventures in the Rockies with her
    husband, Mike.

  • Dorie Miller

    Dorie Miller has been a massage therapist since 2002. She is recognized for insurance benefits by all insurance companies. Her career started because of the help she and her family received from massage therapy. She travels the globe to study with some of the most advanced doctors and health practitioners. Inspired to keep learning how to better help her clients, she practices: NeuroKinetic Therapy(r); Myoskeletal Alignment; Reflexology; Swedish Massage; Aromatherapy; and Structural Joint Balancing. Dorie genuinely cares about how to help others feel better and achieve their performance goals. Her diverse clientele has included everyone from pro athletes, executives, seniors, moms, babies, youth, and your everyday working person. Her treatments can be tailored from deep pressure to light. She always gives her best to get you the results and treatment you are looking for.

  • Tanya Frew

    Tanya Frew received her Certified Personal Fitness Trainer accreditation from Mount Royal University. Fitness has been a huge part of her life & she continues to evolve by taking on new challenges, continually educating herself, following her dreams, and inspiring those along the way with client transformations and as a fitness & lifestyle coach.

    Tanya began participating in fitness & bikini competitions 4 years ago, competing 9 times often placing in the top 5. She has learned so much about the body, mind, nutrition, posing and the science involved. She loves that there is always something new to learn in the fitness industry that can be applied to the progress of her clients.

    Her main goal is to pass on her knowledge and experience and to help motivate others to reach for their goals. “Take what you learn, share it, pay it forward and live a healthy consistent lifestyle customized to you, your life and your vision of success.”


    MMA Instructor Certified
    TRX Instructor Certified
    Roll Release Instructor Certified
    Nutrition Coaching/Counselling
    Competition Posing
    Competition Coach/lifestyle coach

    Favourite quote & tattoo: “Take Care of Your Body Its the Only Place you have to Live”

    Bikini Competitor – ABBA – 4th, 5th place & national CBBF qualifier
    Inside Fitness Published – 100 Hot & fit
    NPAA Magazine Cover Model Winner – 2013
    NPAA Pro Elite Fitness Model Card – 2nd
    NPAA Bikini Model – 3rd
    IDFA Fitness Model – 2nd, 3rd
    NPAA nominated coach of the year – 2012, 2013

  • Geoff Starling

    Geoff’s energy, knowledge and array of experience makes him a highly effective and inspiring fitness professional. Geoff holds multiple designations including Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Olympic lifting, powerlifting, TRX, boxing and kettlebell – which is a fancy way of saying he knows a ton about how to make the body move so he can pick the most effective methods to achieve your unique goals and abilities.

    Sporting a fading Australian accent (yep, another Aussie), Geoff has owned and operated businesses in Sydney, New York, China and now here in Calgary, with the express purpose of improving the overall quality of life in his clients. As a founding member of the Canadian Obesity Network (CON-YYC) and long-time consultant for the Calgary Weight Management Centre, Geoff has a strong leaning towards working with those who struggle with adding a base level of physical activity to their daily routine.

  • Nadine Moxon

    I am an Aussie living in Canada for 3 years and as a mom of two beautiful children aged 5 and 4, a professional athlete (natural body building figure competitor) and an ASN (Australian Sports and Nutrition) sponsored athlete. I have firsthand knowledge and experience on how to get into great shape and stay there. With over 8 years of fitness industry experience I specialize in strength and conditioning, weight loss, pre-, during and post-pregnancy, competition preparation, mobility and personalized nutrition and supplementation.

    I provide my clients a positive and realistic approach to get to their desired goals using the life experience and knowledge I have acquired to get you to where you want to be and, importantly, stay there.

    As an elite personal trainer who has been trained by Australia’s leading training provider, Human Performance Centre, I challenge you to train with me and see the results you achieve through my personalized training solutions.


Crafted for you

CityFit is a world-class, customized fitness facility. The equipment has been meticulously chosen for practical real-world training applications. The expansive space features floor to ceiling windows providing a naturally lit space. A glass-walled class studio allows for private classes while retaining the sense of openness.

A centralized open space turf surface gives you room to really move. Dual steam rooms, the in-house City Circle Café, and free wifi makes CityFit a comfortable spot for pre- and post-workout downtime.

Join us. We built this place for you.

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