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Being a personal trainer in one of the most health conscious cities in the world is a great thing. Being able to develop a completely unique and cutting-edge model of a health and fitness training centre after 15 years of personal training in Calgary is an inspiring privilege! I have provided training in many different styles of facilities and through that collective experience I developed my personal vision of what I consider the ‘ultimate’ training environment. A place where I felt the best and most experienced professionals in health and fitness in our city could gather, recognizing the opportunity to exploit their talents to provide an exceptional experience to their varying clienteles.

I have been fortunate during my career to be surrounded by training professionals with an array of advanced specialties – 40-plus, strongman, gymnastics, fitness competitors, performance/endurance athletes and rehabilitation experts. Working alongside these professionals, along with my own personal style, moved me to create a facility and environment that allows experts in any physical conditioning specialty to have the ultimate tools at their disposal and be part of a team recognized as the best in our city.

I invite everyone who has ever wanted professional direction and guidance to achieve their best health to experience the difference this cutting edge facility and training team offers. With lots of open space you can leave your chair behind and get moving jumping, running, crawling, dragging, pulling, throwing, flipping, hitting, swinging, climbing – you name it, we build it into your very own personalized program.

For the independent contractor we have established the best work/life balance. Our facilities provide a structure and business model that makes it possible to build a thriving and satisfying career and business. CityFit is my answer for all independent contract trainers. It’s a big jump for an employed trainer to gain their independence so, in another unique step, business support is provided to make the leap while having the opportunity to be part of something bigger to be part of a team of professionals and a great community of Calgarians who want to improve their lives.

Come be part of Calgary’s largest personal training centre where our experts take you beyond just aesthetics and improve your ability to move, feel and live at your best!

Carl Macdonald CityFit

Personal Training and Therapy Services

Founded by Carl MacDonald, CityFit is a state of the art facility powered by some of Calgary's BEST Personal Trainers, Nutrition Experts and Therapists.  Our goal is to help the people of Calgary reach theirs.  Period.  We have carefully hand picked experts in the health and wellness industry that are passionate about their craft and commited to CityFit's clients.  Click below to see our services or see our team's profiles here.

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I LOVE my training with Carl Macdonald. As a mom and part time manager of my business, I love that I get to escape my world for an hour and have someone else take care of ME. Nothing else in the life of a mom or business owner is like that. I deserve it. And so does my family. I am continually…

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Maryse WilcoxOwner/ManagerCodeCad

I was working with ‘the best’ personal trainer. After being asked by a friend to try Carl I came to the realization that there was more to personal training than throwing medicine balls around and doing burpees. Carl’s experience and technical style helped me get my money’s…

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Tim KaneCEO and co-foundermyHSA Ltd.

If it wasn’t for Carl Macdonald, I might be dead. Carl helped to change my life around. He is more than just a personal trainer; he is a motivator of life. As a senior executive, he understands my busy life, and works around my schedule. When I would drop the ball and not come regularly, he…

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Bob DhillonPresident and CEOMainstreet Equity Corp.

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