You may have heard this marketing line used by fitness businesses, “Everyone’s an athlete, only the level varies”. Well, that’s not really the case. An athlete prepares for and participates in a sport(not the ‘sport’ of life). However, everyone needs and has different levels of ‘athleticism’.

‘Athleticism’ in very simple terms means you can move quickly and energetically when required to. Do you feel like you can move like that if you slipped on ice or to jump out of the way of a vehicle or perhaps to chase your dog around the yard without crumbling into an exhausted heap or limping away? It’s easy to see the practical applications for this ability in our lives outside the gym.

‘Slow and controlled’ is an old mantra when lifting weights. The problem is it hardly translates to real life. There’s a time and place for slower tempo training, however show me where life moves slowly and I’ll show you…well I won’t show you anything because I don’t know where or when life does that. The focus is on having control. Watch any sport and you’re going to notice how the best players move with lightning speed yet show amazing control as well as the ability to reacquire that control if lost when really pushing the envelope! I don’t know about you but that’s what I want.

Here’s the rub: if you always move in slow, neat, straight lines, no matter how strong you get you’re not going to be very athletic. And when a situation arises that requires a good degree of athleticism you won’t be prepared and your chances of injury from sudden, forceful movement is very high. This is because the tissues of your body are not accustomed to high forces which are different than dealing with heavy weights. You may be familiar with the equation F=MA or force = mass x acceleration. Mass is the weight you are using and the force you apply rises depending on how fast you are trying to accelerate, or decelerate, a weight. You can train to handle high forces or have them handle you!

Come experience a well-rounded training program designed by one of our experts to ensure that the strength you are building is something that transfers practically to your life and so that you can, with believability, continue to lie about your age for a long time to come!

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