This move will stun you with how challenging and exhausting it is! But you’ll quickly sense the effects it will have for your core and coordination with related upper and lower body muscles.

Critical points…

  • When your hand leaves the ground make sure it lifts off so you don’t push off the ground.
  • Bringing the hand back to the side at the top helps you tighten up and maintain position (probably because you know there’s no longer a hand there to ‘save’ you if you drop!)
  • Keep your body between your hands at the top of the movement, not shifting toward the supported side.
  • Just before your hand leaves the ground, drive the front of that same-side hip down and toward your opposite hand to prevent weight shifting and max out the core.
  • Keep the bum down and head level.
  • Spread your feet wide and stay on the balls of your feet not rocking forward onto your toes at any point.

And, for maximal enjoyment, ensure you pause for a full second at the top before descending again.

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