You’re fed up. You know you have to do something to get in shape. On top of wanting to lose some weight your body is really feeling the combination of your desk job and excessive time driving and cruising the interweb. Groaning has become the defacto sound of movement after staying in any one position for too long.

Something’s gotta give…

You talk to your ‘crazy workout friends’ and they give you some direction on what to do once you’ve picked up your shiny new gym membership. After driving to your facility of choice, checking in and changing you head to the weight rack and start giv’n ‘er on the way to all your wildest dreams coming true. Wouldn’t that be nice…

There’s one teeny-tiny monstrous factor that is frequently overlooked — how does YOUR unique body move and what are your personal limitations in the QUALITY of your movement? Adding weights and a kajillion reps to poor movement patterns is why the majority of individuals who take up a new training regimen, especially over the age of 35, end up with pain and injuries that often shut down their fitness aspirations. Don’t be fooled by the body’s natural ability to progress, for a while, from even the most hair-brained training program. Starting to feel stronger, more energetic and even notice some appearance changes is not a great trade-off for the equivalent of termites eating away at your home’s structure. If you’re moving poorly you’re doing unseen damage that will show up one day fairly soon as the ‘oh it just started to bug me one day’ injury. These rarely get better on their own because you don’t know why they started in the first place. And no amount of tips about proper form will overcome the fact that your body simply hasn’t been helped to move well yet.

You wouldn’t show up to court without a lawyer so why the common view that anyone can train on their own or just needs a program or a few hours with a trainer and they’re good to go? The big box gyms’ business models actually count on 4 out of 5 members not even bothering to continue showing up and that is, in large part, due to a lack of progress which kills motivation(not knowing what you’re doing does the same thing). And of the 20% that remain, only 1 out of 5 of them see the results they are looking for because they hired a qualified trainer. Yes, the math is ugly and is a big reason why so many are still hoping there’s a magic pill or 7-minute program that will work for them.

Getting the results you are looking for and need is far too important to leave to the advice of your friend who works out or mainstream media which is awash with useless and false information. Hire an experienced professional to navigate these confusing and overwhelming waters. You will never regret it!

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