Here are your instructions for this hard ‘core’ move…

  1. Go over to the ‘Ab’ area and take a 65cm ball from whoever’s doing crunches on it.
  2. Form an invisible ‘bench’ with your body on the ball, parallel to the floor(don’t let your bum drop!). Feet about 18-24" apart.
  3. Fight any movement, other than your arm, as best you can. Especially send nuclear power to bracing your core like you’re going to be punched in the stomach precisely at the time you begin the drive back up with the dumbbell. (You’ll also feel the opposite side glute going crazy trying to stabilize you) The dumbbell should travel from your midline to outer chest/shoulder tie-in and back to midline.

Proper core involvement actually boosts your strength through the roof in virtually all movements. As a surprising result, once you’re familiar with this exercise, you will be able to press close to the same dumbbells as you would when using both arms AND on a bench! Except that you’ll be turning into concrete in your midsection from this movement and the extreme core involvement will contribute to saving your shoulders. Note: A heavy dumbbell was used to demonstrate that, though this is a unilateral exercise on a ball (read: usually pansy weights are used for such exercises), you can still use heavy weight once you get proficient at the movement and develop good core strength and activation.

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