I just finished reading an excellent post by the chairman of JetBlue Airways regarding dealing with problems.

My Best Mistake: Run from the Fire, You Get Burned

Though in a completely different line of work, the principle remains true: “Problems deferred are problems magnified!” So if there’s a fire in your life, run towards it and deal with it sooner rather than later.

Virtually every person who works with a fitness professional puts the decision off for a given period of time. I often say that when someone walks through the door or gives me a call(emails are easier than calling or visiting so tend toward less procrastination before but often more additional procrastination after than either of the other 2 options) they have been thinking about it for at least 6 months.

That’s why when they contact me I do everything in my power to make them feel welcome and comfortable and I walk them through the entire process of getting started. We all remember the time we first attended a new gym or tried to work out on our own and how conspicuous and clueless we felt. Something akin to wearing a big flashing red light on our head that we desperately wish we could turn off. It’s generally not the actual training that makes these ones procrastinate, but, rather fears — fears of not having the time, looking like a spectacle, the terrible ‘toos'(too fat, too old, too busy, too uncoordinated, too expensive, too hurt, too out of shape, etc.).

For the most part, the biggest struggle to getting started looking after yourself is just getting out of your own way and not letting excuses that you know aren’t legitimate hold you back. I train CEO’s of companies with 100’s of employees who make the time to come see me despite everyone clamoring for a piece of their day.

We’re not much good to others when we’re performing below par due to being in poor condition and/or feeling crummy about ourselves whether it be self-esteem or disappointment we’ve allowed things to decline to what they have in our life.

As neuroscience confirms, just take one small step in the direction of your goals and your brain releases neuro-chemicals that enable you with a little more strength to take the next step. As my friend and author, Jamie DeNovo, says, “It’s a one-sock process”. In other words, if it’s a massive struggle, put one sock on before even thinking about the other. This brain process compounds upon itself making it progressively easier to take each additional step.

So take some form of action, ANY ACTION, in a positive direction knowing everyone who really matters in your life wants you to succeed, most importantly, your own brain.

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