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Well that sure sounds negative, doesn’t it? Isn’t a message about health and fitness supposed to be all roses, sunshine and butterflies? Well, oftentimes the toughest messages contain the most…

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You’re fed up. You know you have to do something to get in shape. On top of wanting to lose some weight your body is really feeling the combination of your desk job and excessive time driving and…

one-arm dumbbell ball press cityfit calgary workout

Power Core Exercise

Here are your instructions for this hard ‘core’ move… Go over to the ‘Ab’ area and take a 65cm ball from whoever’s doing crunches on it. Form an invisible ‘bench’ with your…

one arm push-up cityfit calgary workout

Elevated One-Arm Core Push-up

This move will stun you with how challenging and exhausting it is! But you’ll quickly sense the effects it will have for your core and coordination with related upper and lower body…

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