Bonnie Lang


Bonnie is a native Californian-turned-Calgarian who loves to motivate and encourage her clients to live a healthier lifestyle. She has been training since 2008 and specializes in functional training including bodyweight movements, kettlebell and TRX exercises.

Bonnie is passionate about coaching her clients to better health through nutrition, exercise and mindset changes. She views physical fitness as an essential tool for overall well-being in daily life. Bonnie’s work with her husband, Mike, through their non-profit organization, ‘Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs’ helps her better understand and relate to the needs of clients who have survived cancer. She is able to create personalized programs to help such people rebuild their bodies post-treatment.

When she is not training, Bonnie loves hiking with her family around San Francisco, outdoor adventures in the Rockies with her husband and good conversations.


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Active blogger to provide tips, tools and inspiration to her clients looking to live a healthier lifestyle


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