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In 2014 Carl opened CityFit Professional Training -- a game-changer on every level and Canada’s largest personal training centre.

After 12 years of personal training, entirely as an independent contractor, he knew a major change was needed. 

There had to be a place where real fitness professionals could do their best work helping real people. There had to be a place that ‘had it all’ for both clients AND trainers without all the drawbacks that commonly characterize fitness businesses.

3 years later, CityFit was the result and its success confirms the value of his vision. Everything a client or a trainer dreams of is at CityFit. It’s a beautiful, innovative facility in design, the abundance of energizing natural light, its central location, the intelligent selection of equipment, clearly well thought out layout but MOST IMPORTANTLY an environment has been created where *everyone* thrives. It’s not a ‘gym’ and that's evident the moment you arrive.

Carl describes his personal skillset as ‘an education of a 1000 pieces’. He sees no single piece of education as capable of making anyone a skilled trainer. The future, as he sees it, will be owned by those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge guided by a genuine desire to help others not simply to have a ‘fun job’. He thrives on bringing relief to even the worst pain cases who haven't found solutions with other medical and health providers.

Mentoring aspiring trainers is fundamental to how Carl sees the health & fitness industry leaving behind the many and repeated mistakes of the past. Exceptional, emotionally intelligent personal trainers are, by far, the most critical catalysts to truly changing lives through improved health. CityFit is determined to develop and support such trainers and to fulfill that mission.

Carl is well known for his outspokenness advocating for change in the fitness industry and even more so for his uniquely effective approach to training that isn't simply providing ‘workouts’. He helps those serious about personal training as a career see their role in an entirely different way. To hear Carl speak is to understand the common response, ’Nobody talks like you do about this!’. 

One more thing.. he was consulted to contribute to the book, “I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind: The Power to Achieve Success When Success Seems Impossible”. It examines how an understanding of neuroscience can take our lives off auto-pilot and give us back control. The planet’s top neuroscientist, Bryan Kolb, termed the ‘Founding Father’ of neuroscience, confirmed the accuracy of every statement.

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