Dirk Dembroski


Dirk’s initial passion and interests were playing sports. Committing at an early age to play baseball at the highest possible level thanks to the inspiration from his father Dirk quickly realized that in order to do so he would need the right training and coaching. Dirk was not fortunate to have inherited his father’s and brother’s height or their ability to throw with their left arm. Both Dirk’s father and brother stand over 6’5” while Dirk stands 6’1” and throws with his right arm. Dirk jumped from team to team and organization to organization in search of coaches that could help him become the kind of baseball player that he always believed he could be despite not being born with genetic advantages.

Dirk would eventually cross paths with a coach named Josh Ridgway who exposed him to the level of training that he needed but he quickly realized that having the right attitude and effort was equally as important as the training and coaching that he was receiving. Dirk’s ambition and determination made it possible for him to surpass other baseball players who were more talented than he was but lacked the mind set to reach the next level. Dirk had the privilege to play in the Summer Games, numerous National and Provincial teams as well as a Western Canadian Appearance all before finishing high school. In college Dirk received a scholarship to play in the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) for two years where he studied sports science. In that time Dirk set numerous school records such as most wins in a single season, first Douglas College No-Hitter and was named First team all conference starting pitcher for the NWAC. As a result of his success he was recruited by numerous other universities and colleges throughout the U.S. however Dirk accepted a scholarship to the University of Jamestown in North Dakota. During his time there Dirk studied for his diploma in Health and Fitness Administration. While at the University of Jamestown he was once again exposed to a very high level and volume of training which fuelled his new passion for strength and conditioning.

From school Dirk moved to a small town in Alberta where he volunteered to coach the local high school baseball team as well as winter baseball training camps for all ages while keeping up with his own training. In addition to working with youth and adolescent athletes Dirk was also a personal trainer in the evenings where he frequently donated his time to those who truly needed it. In 2014 Dirk was offered and accepted a contract with a baseball team based out of Washington in the Pacific International League. After having a successful season in the P.I.L. Dirk moved back to Calgary to live and continue his training and his ongoing personal fitness education along with finding a place to help coach and train other athletes.

Dirk found a great facility to be apart of and learned new cutting edge science which would greatly improve his abilities as a strength and conditioning coach. While coaching there Dirk was invited and participated in Sprint training for a Professional Baseball league based out of New York during the spring of 2016. However he was released following the camp, but continues to work towards his dream of playing professional baseball again. Dirk would eventually branch out on his own from that strength and conditioning facility to pursue training and coaching other athletes to develop them at an earlier age and help get them recruited into junior colleges and universities.

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