Mike Schwartz


Personal Trainer, Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach, Author, Speaker


Ba. P.Sci & MGSO, C.H.E.K HLC, 
CFP - PTS, Pn1, Keiser Spin Instructor, DTS - AST, Post-Rehabilitation

Philosophy of Coaching:
A former speed skater, Mike Schwartz, has a 12-year proven track record of success as a trainer. He blends specialities in athletic performance and weight management with a creative approach reflective of his background as a professional musician and published author. Known as “The Boss Of Exercise & Nutrition For Every Musician”, Mike’s clientele range from weekend warriors to national touring acts. His first hand experience of a musician’s demanding lifestyle translates into an understanding and drive to help others thrive in their own demanding rockstar lifestyles, whatever they may be. 

His experience delivers intelligently designed programming specific to each client. Focused on sustainable change he integrates accountability with proper, safe progression. Not simply another personal trainer, Schwartzy is your comprehensive lifestyle coach. He is with you every step of the way en route to your new life and personally guarantees satisfaction. 

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