Tavish Bochek


With over 10 years of diverse coaching experience, Tavish Bochek has been involved in the development of former Olympic and World Championship athletes as well as NFL, NHL, MLS and MLB prospects, tactical athletes and firefighters. In addition to working with high-performance athletes, Tavish has found success in dealing with extreme cases of physical rehabilitation.

Tavish specializes in training methods that improve acceleration and change of direction while reducing pain and injuries. Some of the injuries he has successfully worked with include hip and knee replacement, degenerated disc, bulging and herniated disc, ACL and MCL, shoulder and hip labral tears.

Whether you are looking to excel at your sport or break down your physical limitations, Tavish empowers his clients to take control of their journey’s success through personalized coaching, education and individualized programs.


  • Human Performance Specialist 
  • Rehab & Athletic Development
  • Personal Trainer
  • Athletic Consultant 
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach


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